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How Anna Gunn’s Performance as Skyler White Changed Television.

Gunn’s performance was not that of an action heroine or a television genius, and it was not meant to be. Skyler carries the weight of Walt’s actions. Plenty of people hated her for it, Walt sometimes included. But Gunn’s performance pushed both Walt and the people who wanted to see him as a hero to increasingly contrived and ludicrous justifications for treating Skyler like she was a worse person than Walt.

Gunn’s drawn face in the last two seasons of “Breaking Bad” might not have brought about the end of the anti-hero era in television. But Gunn’s performance marked the end of a time when the creators of such shows could get away with writing anti-heroes’ wives as flat, cartoonish characters, or when audiences could get away with worshiping difficult men without encountering strong opposition.

It's Elementary, Sherlock: How the CBS procedural surpassed the BBC drama ›


Finally read this article after seeing it bounce around my corner of the internet for a while, and while it doesn’t hit EVERYTHING I love about Elementary, it makes some excellent points about its superiority that go above and beyond “it’s more progressive” (which is one of the most important things to me, but there’s more than a few people who respond with “BUT SHERLOCK IS BETTER TV”, and this article very satisfyingly argues that no, Elementary wins on those grounds as well)

Late on Friday, NBC announced a slew of schedule changes, as well as the cancellations of newbies Ironside and Welcome to the Family. Somewhat lost among all the shifting was this sad fact: Parks and Recreation is going on hiatus, effective immediately. …Unless NBC changes its mind, Parks will be back on January 9 in its new/old 8:30 p.m. time slot.

If you’re wondering why NBC is futzing with Parks, it’s actually pretty simple: The network desperately wants to get more viewers to sample 9 p.m. comedy Sean Saves the World. It’s betting that all of the special programming it’s planned for the 8 p.m. hour will do better than Parks, thus boosting Sean. It’s also a very clear sign than NBC, perhaps not unreasonably, has given up on the idea that Parks will ever grow its audience. What this doesn’t mean, at least not yet, is that this will be the final season for Parks. The failure, so far, of NBC’s new comedies means that the Peacock has not yet proven it can do better than Parks on Thursdays. That doesn’t mean NBC still won’t decide to move on, but for now, its comedy choices are pretty limited.

Parks and Rec is going on a sort-of hiatus, effective immediately (Vulture).

In case you’re wondering why I’m rage-weeping at my desk today.

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nobody talks about how that’s so raven was such a progressive show and it’s weird bc people will meta a sneeze

  • there was Black girl lead who was allowed to act out the full range of human emotions even though it was just a cheesy kid’s comedy
  • raven had another Black friend (which is unheard of on tv, but pretty normal in rl)
  • her family was a focal point and we knew all about her homelife and didn’t have to assume anything (which is also unheard of with Black characters)
  • she wasn’t stick thin and they acknowledged that without shaming her/girls like her or shaming girls who were stick thin
  • she was doing comedy that didn’t rely on stereotypes
  • her comedy is very physical which Black female comedians often times aren’t allowed to pull off. Black girls are only considered funny if they’re sticking to sassy neck rolling jokes (while still being considered unfunny because no one can relate to those jokes)
  • they let her do “Black girl stuff”, she clearly liked to dance and listen to rnb and they didn’t put tons of restrictions on the way she talked like she used AAE and it was cool
  • raven wasn’t the token POC
  • she had friends who she cared about and cared about her equally
  • she was a well-adjusted happy kid and i know there’s nothing wrong with going through difficult situations and struggling, but that almost always the case with Black girls in the media. they let her be a kid which girls of color, especially Black girls never get to do
  • raven was a teenage girl who was the lead of a comedy that dealt with the paranormal. obviously it wasn’t a villain of the week show and she wasn’t solving mysteries all the time but there’s not many supernatural comedies to begin with. for a genre that tends to exclude women in general and WOC even more to have her deal with the paranormal in comedic way is progressive enough

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What is known is that [Scandal] episode #308 will be the first time a Black woman [Ava DuVernay] directs a prime-time network TV drama created by a Black woman [Shonda Rhimes] and starring a Black woman [Kerry Washington].

Ebony Magazine, November 2013

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25 Behind-the-Scenes TV Photos


GRILLS: A comedy about the experiences of a group of grills in their early 20’s.

  May 25, 2012 at 09:11pm
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Best News Ever of the Day: Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed this week that the show’s 10-episode fourth season will be released ALL AT ONCE on Netflix Watch Instantly in 2013. Be sure to save a sick day for the occasion.