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USEFUL! Now I know exactly how to get the cookie texture I prefer (use more brown sugar)


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this is just cruel to look at god

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I made this beauty - a Kentucky bourbon cake - yesterday night, and finally sat down with my housemate Jocelyn to have a slice. It was, as you’d expect, very good.

This recipe is from Julia Richardson’s Vintage Cakes cookbook which I received as a gift for Christmas; I highly recommend buying it if you’re a cake lover like me. The flavours in this book are fantastic; it’s quick becoming one of my favourites.

As soon as I saw this recipe though, I knew I needed to try it. I mean come on, the shape is exquisite! And since I’ve never had bourbon, I was excited to try something new. I actually didn’t own a bundt pan when I got the book, but fortunately received a Williams-Sonoma gift card too, found out they carried that exact pan, and the rest is history. And let me tell you - Nordic Ware makes some nice-ass (albeit extremely expensive) pans!

The cake was quite dense as bundt cakes tend to be, but moist with a nice crumb (probably due to the buttermilk). We could definitely taste the bourbon but it wasn’t overpowering. As you can tell by the photo my bourbon glaze mostly crystallized on the outside instead of fully sinking into the cake, which makes me think the cake would have been even more fragrant - and I don’t think anyone would mind that!

If any one wants to try it out, I found a copy of the recipe on Oprah’s website (because, of course). And if you scroll all the way down, a few of the book’s other cake recipes are posted too.

Happy baking!

Sweet and savoury monkey breads - courtesy of baking with the roomies!

Since this stuff is to die for (as you can tell by our eagerness to devour them before taking pictures) and super easy to make, I thought I’d share the recipes:

Pizza Monkey Bread*

Individual Monkey Breads

Both recipes make individual breads, but you can be made in a Bundt pan like I did for the pizza one :)

*I made a couple adjustments to the pizza ones:

  • If you can’t find/don’t want Pecorino Romano, just substitute for a good Parmesan (Parmigiano Reggiano) cheese (i.e., not pre-grated)
  • Although I do a lot of baking, my bread/yeast dough making skills still aren’t super great. And even if the recipe is ‘no knead’, I didn’t find the texture of the dough that great. So if you’re not feeling too confident, I’d suggest buying pizza dough from an Italian bakery - it’s very close to home-made. Otherwise, any grocery store dough should work fine.
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Simple, but genius.

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I just miss baking all the time.


I just want to feed people.

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Work fun fun awesome great

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Citrus Cake with Lemon Curd Filling and Orange Lemon Icing, a.k.a. Stella (McCartney) Cake

Click through for the recipe.

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7 minute frosting

A true frosting beauty. And tastes great to boot!

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SUBMISSION: Kitchen 101 Volume Conversion Poster from Chasing Delicious


Cinnamon roll crust


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From Me To You: End-of-Summer Blueberry Pie ›

~Molly & Jamie At the Green Market~

From Chef Molly:

Summer has flown by, but it was a wonderful one! So many sunny days and gorgeous, warm nights. Realizing there were precious few weeks before the change of seasons started to take hold, I decided to host a little end-of-summer gathering for…

Please please please click through it is actually the cutest pie!

I’ve probably posted this, but it’s literally my favourite part of making a batter.


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