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This is probably my biggest problem right now in every area of my life:

  • I want to connect with friends, but I don’t
  • I want to try new things, but I don’t
  • I want to meet new people, but I don’t
  • I want to get back in shape, to be the athlete I once was, but I haven’t made the effort
  • I have early morning classes, yet I can’t bring myself to go to bed
  • I’m almost positive that I’m in the wrong program, yet I still haven’t gone to see a program councillor to discuss changing majors
  • My eyesight is going and I’m afraid I might be diabetic, but I keep putting off going to the doctor
  • I want to call my parents out on their bullshit, but I can’t bring myself to do so

The worst part - I don’t know why I can’t/won’t.

Some of it is probably the fear or uncertainty of what might happen. And for the most part, I know deep down nothing bad will happen!

I never have been and still am not that wimpy person; for some reason though my motivation is just shot right now.

Regardless, I’m at a crossroads and I don’t know how to decide where to start.

I guess I should start somewhere, and with that, goodnight Tumblr!

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I’m going to make this blog more ‘personal’.

More text posts probably. Stream of consciousness-type stuff. Ideas, musings, opinions.

I just feel like I keep a lot of thoughts in my head or that I’m not necessarily surrounded by people who want to talk about what I’m interested in. Tumblr has shown itself to be the venue to do this for me.

I’ve been so inspired by the people and the stuff I see on here. Although the pictures I post on my blog entirely reflect who I am, I think I come off a little anonymous. I just want to add a face to the blog so that maybe I might get to know some of you lovely people better.

I’ll probably be changing my theme too. Something to add some sort of descriptor because as clean as my current one is, I think it’s contributed to my anonymity.

This should be fun :)


  January 23, 2011 at 03:34am

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This is why I don’t believe you can’t eat healthy on a low budget. It’s the excuse a lot of the overweight/obese/unhealthy families gave on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Well guess what, I’ve had to do it my whole life, and I’m just fine.

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