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This is perfection.

If you ever want to shut me up, let me ride shotgun, turn the music up, wind down the windows and drive me down a dark road under a starry sky.

This is when I’m at my best. 

I have a passionate love affair with the way the world looks from a moving vehicle.

That caption should be my ‘about me’.

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Snowy night near Gerrard Street and Sherbourne. (via Sam Javanrouh)

Went down to the Eaton Centre 2 days ago and I’m not sure how I feel about the tree because basically it looks like the ornamental light up glass one my grandma has

(I won’t deny it looks pretty good at night though)


The reindeer are truly magical - they kinda remind me of the Forest Spirit towards the end of Princess Mononoke (go watch if you haven’t, it’s spectacular).


dontrblgmeCity at Night over Rosedale (via Ben Roffelsen)


People Planning Trips to Stars (by Thomas Hawk)

Can you tell I like my city a lot?

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renbostelaar: Lakeshore Line Skyline, Toronto, 2008

I’m down for this.

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That day was spooky good.

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